Reception: +254 700 245 972

Reception: +254 700 245 972


The Rev Evans Mwangi

  • Chief Operations Officer & Chapter Clerk
  • 0727840313

He is the Chief Operations Officer & Chapter Clerk of the ACK Mombasa Memorial Cathedral.He is in charge of operations, secretary of the cathedral chapter,administration and management,governance, human resource management and public relations of the ACK Mombasa Memorial Cathedral.


He was ordained in 2012. He has served at ACK St Andrew;s Malindi, ACK St Mark’s Mikidani, Mombasa and ACK St Faith, Migadini, Mombasa before.

He is married to a beautiful wife ; Priscilla . They are blessed with two children, Elizabeth and Francis.


He has a Dip in education,BD, MA in Mission and several other certificates in many different fields like management and human resource. He also has a lot of experiences in other related areas.He is  a PhD student now.


He is a lecturer at Bishop Hannington Institute and development studies  Mombasa,where he lectures on Administration and Management.He is also a part time Lecturer at Mount Kenya University, Mombasa Campus where he lectures on Islamic Education among other courses.He is the Secretary of The Diosesan Research Unit, ( DRU) started by the bishop, two years ago.


He enjoys teaching and  training up coming young leaders according to God’s guidance .